The Vegan Lifestyle Association and The Vegan Approach have become one organisation, bringing together a huge network of vegan businesses and associates with a proactive, high quality vegan outreach team.

The Vegan Lifestyle Association (VLA) launched in February last year and in just 16 months has attracted nearly 7,000 associates and over 50,000 social media followers. Membership is free, and open to anyone and everyone interested in stepping onto the path towards veganism.

The Vegan Approach (VA) was founded in 2012 by long-time vegans and animal advocates Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade, with the aim of running friendly outreach programmes and events that make veganism easy, practical and accesible.

The Vegan Approach will be brought into the Vegan Lifestyle Association, discontinuing use of the VA name, branding and website. But the Vegan Approach’s highly successful ‘10 Steps to Going Vegan’ outreach programme and material will be enhanced and adopt VLA branding.

The VLA—whose strapline is “your vegan friend, for life”—began life after co-founders Chantal Denny and David Harrow turned vegan but could not find an easy and effective way to volunteer their time to promote the life-saving vegan message.

Chantal says: “This is such a fantastic opportunity for the Vegan Lifestyle Association. As an organisation run totally by volunteers we’ve had massive success in connecting associates with vegan businesses and wonderful vegan products, but that’s left us with less time for direct outreach and education work. This is exactly what the Vegan Approach brings. It complements the work we’re doing in spreading vegan information widely around the UK. Given that there may now be as many as 1.2m vegetarians and vegans in the UK, and significant interest the timing is perfect for us to help.”

Chrissy says: “We’re delighted to be merging The Vegan Approach with the VLA brand. We share the same aims and are totally focussed on ‘how to’ live a vegan lifestyle, and on making it as easy as possible. Our workshops and events have helped many people to go, stay and enjoy being vegan, and this merger will help us to reach more people, more effectively with the VLA branding and resources.”

As part of the merger, Chrissy will also become a Director of the Vegan Lifestyle Association.

Going forward, the VLA will continue to provide information and guidance through its website, social media network and at vegan festivals and events, but with the extra outreach activity of Chrissy, Kelly and their team of speakers. The VLA is fast becoming the UK’s most supportive and vocal vegan organisation. It promotes ethical veganism, educates on veganism’s multiple benefits and campaigns for a cruelty-free world.

Those interested in the outreach programme can book a ‘10 steps to going vegan’ presentation by emailing the VLA and people can find out more and join for free at

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May 12, 2015