You may have heard of an eco-warrior. Well, I am an eco-wedding photographer which means I aim to keep my business and its processes as sustainable as possible. My green ethos means I run an environmentally conscious business. And the fact that I am a vegan gives vegan couples the opportunity to ensure that all the services they require for the big day are sourced from like-minded people.

So how can I help you on what will be the biggest day of your lives? As an experienced wedding photographer I can help you relive those wonderful moments forever, while couples with a concern for the environment can be assured they are using the services of someone who shares their values.

The products I use in my work are all sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly and purchased only from companies with a strong eco-ethos. I use only environmentally friendly packaging, including USB cases and the delightful presentation boxes. I also like to keep my office as paper-free as possible and my preferred mode of communication is via email. Any waste paper is reused or recycled. When stationery is used it is tree-free hemp or 100% recycled paper.

My green values also extend to my workspace and travel arrangements. My office is at home and that eliminates having to commute as well as the need for additional heating and lighting. In order to reduce my carbon footprint further I like to invite clients for a meeting in a friendly informal setting such as a cafe if they live close to my West Midlands base. If they live further away we communicate by email or chat by phone, eliminating the need for travel. And when I do have to travel to assignments I use a car co-owned with another business.

One way to reduce our carbon footprint is through carbon offsetting. All of us, me included, produce carbon emissions, typically when driving or heating our homes. We can contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint by such things as planting trees or contributing towards various projects. Visit to learn more about carbon offsetting.

I am doing my best to protect the planet and ensure that it is one that our children and children’s children will find safe to live on. Our individual efforts are very significant and together we can reverse some of the damage caused to our beautiful earth. Keeping our environment clean and healthy is something I feel very strongly about. As we become more aware of the fragility of our environment I believe that its protection should be our top priority.

I am proud of my partnership with Sustainable Harvest International, I truly believe in sustainable agriculture as a solution to poverty and environmental devastation. Their mission is to preserve the environment by partnering with families to improve well-being through sustainable farming. I love the fact that my clients are part of this great initiative, each purchase enables to plant more trees and support communities. If you’d like to find out more about the project, please go to

I am also really happy to be able to support a wonderful project called Working with Villages in Palestine run by my friends Lisa and Elaine. A tree with its roots growing in Palestinian soil is a huge symbol for Palestinian people. A tree is just £10 and you can receive a gift card if you’d like to give one as a gift. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch or click here to visit their website for more details.