It’s hard to pick a favourite wedding because, and rightly so, none of the weddings I photograph are about me, but it’s fair to say that I have some favourites.
One of those was the wedding of Guy and Hanna. When Hanna told me about her plans, I must admit I felt a bit giddy.
A humanist ceremony?
An all vegetarian menu?
A ceilidh?
check… check… check…
As an advocate of green businesses, I always use sustainable materials and donate a portion of my fee to environmental projects and I loved the fact that so many of Hanna’s ideas were eco-friendly.
There was so much love and attention to detail on the day, from the hand made signs to the 100 personalised gingerbread (wo)men, one for every guest.
“Do or do not there is no try…”
Now, as you’ll see from the gallery, I’m such a fan girl. When I saw that little hand painted Star Wars quote from Yoda, I knew I had to open with it.
Wedding festivals are becoming more and more popular and I have to say Hanna and Guy’s was so much fun, I almost hope they’ll make it an annual affair.
It’s a great example of what you can do with a smaller budget and some imagination, not to say the event was cheap. I think in every sense of the word it was the opposite, I just mean they achieved so much for their money.
Over all there was so much to document at Hanna and Guy’s wedding I nearly got lost in the effort, or was that the moment? Either way, losing myself was great fun.
There were hi jinx on the high seas at the Mermaid Lagoon aka the swimming pool, an entire Mad Hatter’s tea party, a pub in a barn and of course the fabulous party tree, where the beautiful humanist ceremony was also conducted.
Personally I loved the food, being a vegan myself I understand the difficulty of preparing a wholly vegetarian menu, not to mention the awesome vegan supper.
If there was one thing however, which set Hanna and Guy’s wedding apart from others I’ve shot, it was the atmosphere. When your guests can see how much effort you’ve put into your day, their connection to you and to your event just seems so much more amplified.
I love my job and I love being a part of a couple’s most treasured day. I always try to remember that too, the fact that it’s their day and it’s always my goal to capture as much of that magic as I can.
Well all is said and done, it doesn’t matter if your special day has a hundred guests or two, and it doesn’t matter if it takes place in a church or a registry office. What really matters is that it’s your special day and if you choose me to come and share it, I’ll do my best to help you remember it forever.

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