“Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly” – Le Petit Prince

Recently on a lazy day I came across the fairytale above and it’s been on my wall since that day.
The concept really got my grey matter sparking and I had to get those thoughts out.

Sure, from a photographer’s perspective, it’s true that a photographer who is looking for a specific image will control all the elements visually, or at least as many as they can, but for me when I’m trying to capture a wedding, I find it’s all about honesty and I try to capture the moment with my heart and as the moments happen rather than try and line up ‘that perfect shot’. If I’m honest the only real way to get that is to build a true relationship with your client.

A recent wedding I photographed demonstrates my feelings perfectly. Natalie and Andrew’s wedding was great fun and they were a lovely couple to work for.
Sure I was able to appease my inner artist by arranging and shooting a world of fleeting snapshots in a bid to record the mood. There was ample opportunity to shoot the beautiful flowers or the country house setting, but the truth is I was still trying to immortalise the moment and to do that properly I need to feel.
Great couples and great days don’t need a lot of direction, just a steady hand, a good eye and a sense of timing. I don’t blow my own trumpet often, but I’ll admit I have those three things and I’m proud of them too.

I like to think of my work as a simple children’s game, always looking for the best way to seal the moment in time. I think if you can look back on your photographs a year, or fifty years from the day and still feel the emotions you felt that day then I have succeeded.If you see a picture of children playing and the focus is on the game, then I think you’re on the right track. Of course I control what I can and what I need to. Place holders, floral bouquets, invitations and set pieces all welcome a little bit of staging, but that smile… two lovers sharing a thought… that frozen instance of pure joy… they all need to happen naturally and that’s what I love most about my job and I LOVE my job.

Ultimately I have to try and save your memories and I’ll never forget that’s what they are… your precious moments frozen perfectly in time and I couldn’t stage that no matter how hard I tried.

Truth can only really be captured by experiencing love. Love flows from you and is empathetically felt by others. Emanating love and energy changes the way others see you and it’s a force that others can sense and are drawn to. I believe these feelings can be transmitted.. Naturally empathy is a door and like all doors it swings both ways and when it works properly it helps me to achieve the best results when I photograph people.

With Natalie and Andrew we managed to achieve that it was a pleasure to be around them and their family, I could feel good vibes from the moment we met for the pre-wedding consultation and the engagement shoot. Meeting beforehand is a very good idea and helps to create a better understanding, so I always recommend that.
When choosing a wedding photographer, my advice is to follow your intuition, see if you like the work, but check if the photographer allows you to be yourself, because this is the purpose of being photographed, we’re not here to pretend to be someone else… at least this is how I like to work.

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