Often simplicity is what makes a wedding special. I recently had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Rebecca and Hamish and it was such a wonderfully unobtrusive affair that it really stood out for me.
Clearly the couple were very conscientious and took great care to minimise the effect their special day had on the environment and as a result the impact it had on the guests was significantly increased.
They chose a venue (www.themanorbarn.com), which was centrally situated in Cambridge so no one had to travel far. The florist (www.larkspurfloraldesign.co.uk), who made sure to use only locally grown flowers, were also local to the area. The catering was also sustainable and used only locally sourced produce and beverages and eve I also car-pooled to get in the spirit of the event as I am a local wedding photographer from the Coventry area.
The ceremony itself was a beautiful traditional church wedding and I took so many pictures of so many happy people it makes me smile to look back through them.
I also admire anyone who makes the effort to reduce their carbon footprint and Rebecca and Hamish really inspired me to try to do more. I always try to plant trees wherever I can and I use sustainable materials where ever possible and thankfully we live in an age now where these things are possible and not only possible, but are becoming increasingly easy.
These days you can find ethical and sustainable wedding suppliers, venues and even event planners all over the UK, whereas even recently it was difficult to find anything like that.
I’ve personally discovered some great companies which cater for environmentally friendly weddings. Companies like Woodland Weddings who, in their own words, ‘are committed to a programme of continuous improvement’ regarding their environmental policy.
And I’ve recently discovered that The Clophill Centre is also available for weddings . I’d love to photograph a wedding there. It’s 1.5 hours away from Coventry, but I’d definitely stay an extra couple of days for some yoga workshops.
One day I’m going to put together a directory of green and sustainable wedding suppliers, venues and caterers but for now here’s a small list of vegan and veggie friendly caterers in the UK.

Fairfoods Catering
Veggies Catering Campaign
Vegan Peasant Catering
Amala Living Foods

Links to other suppliers:
The Manor Barn, Harlton – a unique venue perfect for weddings in Cambridge
Larkspur Floral Design – wedding & event floristry

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