Roop and Harlan – A sunny day, a pocket watch, a dress up box and lots of colour.

I love what I do and I think a big part of that seeps into me from the people around me. When you spend your time watching and studying other people who are at the peak of their love, I think it’s inevitable that some of it is going to wash over you. A great example for this was Roop and Harlan’s wedding.

Here we have a gorgeous couple from completely different cultures clashing together in a glorious riot of colour and passion. Roop looked like a Bollywood film star resplendent in her traditional dress and her hands beautifully decorated in hand painted henna, while Harlan was the perfect gent in his fine tailored suit complete with matching cuff-links and stunning golden pocket watch. They were clearly a couple deeply in love and you can almost see their auras in the pictures. The wonderful event was firmly aided by the weather which gave the whole affair a summery vibe.

On request I spent a good deal of time with Roop as she prepared for her big day. Once again you could almost smell the aroma of amour, it was infectious. It was great fun, evidenced by the fact that there’s not a single shot of the bride where she isn’t beaming that wide wonderful smile. I really enjoyed capturing all the little details which were meticulously considered and applied by the brides devoted attendants.
The ceremony itself was a splendid affair and the sun brought out the smiles by the hundreds. It was truly a celebration of love and a demonstration that love conquers all, borders, cultures and hearts.
I’ve photographed a great deal of mixed faith weddings and they are always special. Many choose a neutral civil ceremony or opt for a humanist or non denominational service, but occasionally the bride or groom will go as far as adopting the faith of their partner just so that they can be together.

I loved the sense of unity and wonderful celebration that happens when this occurs. These days borders and barriers are coming down and more and more people are forming relationships with partners of other faiths and cultures, I believe this is a small step to creating a more understanding society and who knows maybe it will lead to less global conflict. When people unite the results are always stronger and better than when they are divided, and what better way to unite people than honest, pure and unconditional love.
Peace x Joanna

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