I know I shouldn’t have favourites… and truth be told I do enjoy every wedding I attend, but I can’t help it if occasionally, just occasionally the stars align.

Stephanie contacted me just three weeks before their wedding in April. It was such a short lead time, but fortunately I had a cancellation and I was so happy that we were available. They’d had real trouble finding a photographer who shared their values, when finally she found me and decided to get in touch. Everything about their wedding was unique and personal. It was to be a vegetarian wedding by the seaside in a beautiful location. Their chosen venue was Beacon House, a wonderful place often used for spiritual retreats, yoga workshops, photo shoots and other ceremonies. The more Stephanie told me about the wedding details the more excited I became. We met with Steph and Andy the day before the wedding for a chat over a cup of tea. We used the informal setting for a pre-wedding photo shoot so they felt a bit more relaxed in front of the camera. From the very first moment I felt at home when being among their friends and family.

The day of the wedding itself was perfect. From the last minute preparations right through until the late night dancing on the deck.
The food was out of this world. The couple had chosen Cashew Catering and I know that’s a name I’ll be seeing again. The whole team were just totally on it and the food was unbelievable. I know some folks can be a bit snooty about a wholly vegetarian caterer, but I didn’t hear a single complaint from anyone. I really appreciate it, and I know the guests do to, when a couple takes such care in the finer details of their wedding.
It was magical. The whole day was as relaxed as it was spontaneous. One minute we were all sitting in sunshine, the next we had to club together to move the chairs for the ceremony due to sudden rain. Steph and Andy and their families and friends are honest, loving people and the whole day unfurled without any stressful moments.
The event was just beautiful, people chipped in to help each other with preparations and at the same time took pleasure in each other’s company. There was no fixed plan for the day, but nothing was rushed and there was enough time for everything.

We felt like we’d met before, we ate together and at times Przemek and I felt like dropping our cameras, kicking off our shoes and dancing away with everyone, but it was important for me to document the day.
It felt like I was photographing a wedding for close friends that I’d known all my life, even though we’d only met the day before.
Their lovely dog Fritzie was there too. I got some great shots of her little face, she was no doubt proud that her owners had decided, that instead of giving presents, guests were asked to donate money to the local dogs rescue. I loved the idea and I am sure Fritzie did too. Stephanie and Andy are such a loving couple, the love was radiating from them, it was great to be around them.

When I get married, I definitely would like to have a wedding which is just a pure celebration of love. I will only invite the closest friends and family. I’m very grateful for meeting Andy and Steph and we’ve become good friends and been in touch ever since. I often think of them when I edit my photographs and listen to the ‘On Being’ podcasts that Stephanie recommended to me. I love how they make me think and they are very addictive. I love how passionate the guests are, and Krista Tippett’s questions are so contemplative and consciousness expanding.

We stayed an extra day in Whitstable, Kent after the wedding. It’s such a lovely town by the seaside with lots of shops with handmade ceramics and crafts, lovely local food. But it’s the people that make a town and the people of Whitstable have made a great one. We met Steph and Andy the next day and we each exchanged little gifts. When we got home we opened the bottle of delicious wedding wine they gave us and raised toast to happy future of a new husband and wife and our new friends.

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